Due to terminal examinations in many schools and due to parents, teachers demand the DHBBVC 2022- 23 Theory Competition is postponed on Sunday 9th October 2022. Std 9 : Login Time: 10 AM to 10:20 AM - Exam Time 10 AM to 11:20 AM. Std 6 : Login Time 03 PM to 3:20 PM - Exam Time 03 PM to 4: 20 PM. ( Actual Time duration for theory competition : 80 minutes after successful login )

Vision / Mission

The vision of the M.S.T.A. is to see that the next generation students are well versed and aware of the scientific developments globally and as a result they contribute effectively to the scientific research and environment enhancement within the communities they live in.

The M. S. T. A. mission is to attain a higher level of professionalism in enabling students and teachers to achieve their goals in terms of career, knowledge and overall development.

M.S.T.A. is indeed proud of its impressive progress in the last 36 years and is committed to human resource development through the science education amongst the students' community.