Last date of registration for DHBBVC is extended upto 25 th October @ 5 pm

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Dr. Homi Bhabha Balvaidnyanik Competition is conducted by The Greater Bombay Science Teachers' Association since 1981 to encourage students to take interest in science, to inculcate scientific attitude and to search science talent in students and motive them towards basic sciences as well as to clear the scientific concepts among them.

Structure of the Competition

Phase No. Description of the phase Max
Duration of exams Selection Procedure

Phase I

Written test :

100 multiple choice questions based on science & General Knowledge in science



  1. Selection for phase II - Merit wise Top 7.5% students will be selected for phase II. They will get Merit Certificate.
  2. Remaining passed students will get Passing certificate.

Phase II

Practical Test:
  1. Selection for phase III - 30% of the marks obtained in phase I and marks obtained in phase II will be considered.
  2. Merit wiseTop 10 % students will be selected for phase III
For VI std.:
There will be 5 experiments of 6 marks each based on general science.
30 30 min.
(6 min per experiment)
For IX std. :
a) Physics: 1 experiment
10 10 min
b) Chemistry: 1 experiment 10 10 min
c) Biology: 10 questions based on 10 specimens 10 10 min

Phase III

General interview


5 to 10 min.

Selection for Medal : Considering 30% marks of Phase I, + Marks of Phase II & Phase III

  1. Merit wise Top 10% candidates will get Gold Medal, certificate and scholarship of Rs. 3000/-.
  2. Next 60% candidates will get Silver Medal, certificate and scholarship of Rs. 2000/-
  3. Remaining all candidates will get Bronze Medal, certificate and scholarship of Rs. 1000/-

Phase IV

Evaluation of action research project 30 5 to 10 min.

Homi Bhabha Balvaidnyanik Competition Schedule for the year 2021-22

Sr. no Description Details
1 Accepting online entry forms (Registration) Tuesday. 17th Aug. 2021 to
Thursday 28th Sep. 2021
2 Extension in accepting online entry forms without late fee. Wednesday 29 th Sep 2021 to Monday 25 th Oct 2021 @ 5 pm.
3 Online Theory competition Std: 9th (Tentative) Sun. 21st Nov.2021(Slot wise)
Std: 6th (Tentative) Sun. 28th Nov.2021(Slot wise)
4 Result of theory competition Tentative 2nd week of December 2021
5 Online practical competition Std: 9th(Tentative) Sun. 9th Jan. 2022
Std: 6th(Tentative) Sun. 16th Jan. 2022
6 Result of practical competition Tentative 1st week of Feb. 2022
7 Submission of action research project report Tuesday15th March 2022
8 General Interview Tentative Sun. 20th March 2022
9 Action Research Project Interview Tentative Sun. 27th March 2022
10 Online Prize Distribution Ceremony Tentative Sun. 10th April 2022

Note: Please note that in view of pandemic situation (Covid -19), Organizer’s reserve the right to make change in schedule on any stage of competition.

Contacts : For any query regarding REGISTRATION process

Call only between 9.00 a.m. To 06.00 p.m

i) Shri. Kailas Chavan 9029197211 ii) Shri. Pratap Thorat 9004255387
iii) Shri  Govind Gunjal 9969418890 iv) Shri. Achutrao Mane 9869634858
v) Shri. Shrikant Shingare 9869634765 vi) Dr.Sanjay Mohite  8169025026
vii) Smt. Nayana Thorat  9867809686 viii) Shri Suresh Jadhav  9221047057

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